DJin Darane was born in Bernau in Germany and grew up in the nice village of Blumberg near Berlin.

At age 18, she moved to Berlin in order to pursue an education, and one night she went out with her friends to enjoy some new music.

As it turned out it was TECHNO.

…music in the head, celebrations, parties, the first big techno events in Berlin…

By noticing that the used vinyls did not sound like the dusty ones Grandma and Grandpa had at all,
and again and again watching for what’s going on behind the DJ-pults, the interest and fascination with vinyls grew.

Infected by techno and with a vision in mind that this could become as large as renowned DJ’s of this time were, she bought her first two turntables and a 2-channel mixer to start.

Permanently digging for gold in vinyl shops, being on the hunt for the fat phat sounds and hours after hours of mixing together the best tracks, slowly but surely she developed the style of DJin-DARANE (techno and darktechno).

This development was culmulated by a first underground party where she finally entered the decks and started to celebrate her craft openly with the people. Many more followed.

After moving to Vienna many years later, the possibilities of standing behind the decks at underground partys became quite limited.

Tormented by the thought of not being able to share her work with others, she obviously had to work this out somehow.

The idea was there: Internet Livestream.

Her delicate sense for music and all the hard work invested in perfecting the craft will be worth her while, EP-releases and gigs are current order of business.

…and she is very happy about coming along her way and doing what she truly likes, TECHNO and DARK-TECHNO for amazing MUSiC iN THE HEAD.

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